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The pace of change in today’s technology is breathtaking. In the space of 30 years we have moved from the first cellphone to smart phones in our pockets which hold more processing power than the computer that send the first rocket to the moon. What is seen as cutting edge today, will undoubtedly seem antiquated in a couple of years. This rapid p

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Attracting, hiring and retaining the right people for your business can be a long, costly and exhausting process. The right hire will become a brand ambassador for you and will help to grow your business whereas the wrong hire can be a drain on resources and morale. Due to the uncertain nature of the labour market and particularly in a tight labour ma

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Universities in the United Kingdom produce top tier engineering graduates every year with many of these having completed additional studies to further develop their skills both for personal reasons and to increase their employability. With such large numbers of engineers in the country trying to secure a good job, engineering recruitment agencies and

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The world of finance is changing at breakneck speed due to the rise of the internet and big data. Technology and consumer demands are changing every day and influencing the next generation of banking. Today’s fintech startups don’t even have brick and motor stores, relying on cloud technology. This fundamental shift in how banks provide an

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How many job interviews have you had so far in your career as an engineer? If you have had several job interviews already, you may have already picked up on the standard procedure used during interviews. The interviewer will look at the resume you submitted and ask you a number of questions to clarify what you have written to help them decide whether you are qualified e

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Report On The Latest Statistics In The Engineering Sector

Engineering is an application of science and technology and has become more modern than ever. What may not have been thought possible a couple of decades ago is a reality now and the engineering industry is showing no signs of stopping.



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