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Report On The Latest Statistics In The Engineering Sector

Engineering is an application of science and technology and has become more modern than ever. What may not have been thought possible a couple of decades ago is a reality now and the engineering industry is showing no signs of stopping. It is continuing to not only embrace advancements and developments but also apply these changes. This is a reality in the United Kingdom and engineering recruitment agencies are always kept on the tip of their toes to be able to adapt and learn about the changes in the industry so that they can provide them with the needed individuals.

Experts who have been looking at the engineering industry in the UK understand that this industry is bringing in a lot to the country, in terms of contributions both to the society and to the economy as well. This is a reason why the government is supportive of this industry and does what it can to help. The engineering industry has been working intently with the UK government on projects and they have also been working well with the education industry to help out find the needed employees during instances when there is a shortage in the labor market. Engineering recruitment agencies have also been very helpful in finding the needed skilled workers.

Why Is The Engineering Sector Important To The Economy of The United Kingdom?

A study has been carried out focusing on the engineering industry of the UK in 2018. According to the results of the study, 27% of the businesses in the country are related to the industry. This is a big deal as it means that the engineering sector is bringing in good business to the country.

The engineering sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the United Kingdom. Numbers have shown that from 2015 to 2016, the about of businesses under this industry have grown by at least 5.6%. This means that there is growth in the industry. There would be no new businesses popping up if the industry has not been doing well. Engineering recruitment agencies are definitely growing as more and more companies are looking for new individuals to join them.

The Future of The Engineering Industry In Terms of The Labor Market

In addition, the study has discovered that more and more industries are in need of engineering services and products, hence meaning that the engineering sector in itself will be growing still. In other words, there is still no stopping the growth of this sector so far - the future is pretty bright for this industry. Engineering recruitment agencies will be focusing on finding and matching the right individuals to the companies that require them as more and more employees and staff will be needed to match the high demand of projects coming in.

Aside from that, the study has also found out that there will be an estimated 124,000 individuals who will be needed each year. These individuals need to have the core skills in engineering, and will need to be engineers or technicians. Also, each year, more roles related to the engineering industry will be sprouting and that amounts to an estimated 79,000 roles each year.  

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