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How many job interviews have you had so far in your career as an engineer? If you have had several job interviews already, you may have already picked up on the standard procedure used during interviews. The interviewer will look at the resume you submitted and ask you a number of questions to clarify what you have written to help them decide whether you are qualified enough and are a good fit for the role. They will also provide more in-depth information about the role you are applying for and allow you to ask questions so that you have a better understanding of the role and the company you are applying for.

The best candidates have researched the position, the company and information about the market as a whole. Being prepared allows for them to stand out in what is often a crowded field. Engineering recruitment agencies in London know how to ask the right questions to be able to gauge if the applicant would be an appropriate candidate to put forward to their client. The questions should also allow the candidates to provide a more in-depth explanation of their previous roles to highlight job specific experiences and skills.

Glassdoor has come up with some questions that would help interviewers and recruiters filter the best candidates. If you are an interviewer or a recruiter, here are three important questions that you should ask when hiring an engineer.

Can you tell me about the most challenging Engineering project you handled this year?

This question allows for the interviewer to understand what the applicant considers ‘challenging’ which helps to provide a benchmark for their skill set. It’s recommended that the interviewer ask more follow up questions in relation to the interviewee’s answer to be able to gain a more holistic appreciation of the project.

With this question and tailored follow up questions, the interviewer will gain a better insight into how the candidate approaches and overcomes obstacles and challenges.

How do you check your work to avoid making any mistakes?

We know that mistakes are unavoidable, but it is how we check the work that we do that helps us correct any errors we may have made in the past. An interviewer from any engineering recruitment agency in London who asks this question can take a look at how the applicant thinks when it comes to making errors – is he or she is open to the idea that he or she can make mistakes? Do they have a system in place to help prevent mistakes making it through to the finished product?

A good engineer who can correct mistakes before they become problems has the ability to reduce the margin of error in their projects which will help to increase the effectiveness and productivity and ultimately the profit margins of the firm. 

If you were handling a project and there has been a decrease in the budget, what would you do?

This is a reality in the engineering industry –situations change, and suddenly approved projects are reevaluated for cost effectiveness and are marked to have their budget trimmed. Being a professional in the engineering industry, the candidate should know how to handle situations like this without sacrificing the quality of their work. The interviewer will be able see how the applicant handles unexpected changes and can show how resourceful they are when they have reduced capability but the same targets.

These questions are merely a guide to help interviewers know what kind of questions to ask and what to get out of the applicants’ answers. This may also serve as a guide for engineer applicants who are looking for help on possible questions that may come up in the course of an interview.  

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